Trying to Change the World? Look No Further.

This is a time of extreme global uproar. While everyone is looking towards the outside world to change, few people are actually trying to change themselves. True change starts with the individual. Much like you can’t fully love someone else before loving yourself first, the same conditions apply when trying to create positive global change.sunflowers-945408_960_720

Sure, you can set a New Year’s Resolution to work on some aspect of yourself that you may disagree with, in which you see a potential for growth, but why wait? If we are antsy for change, let’s begin right now, within.

While pulling yourself out of your own personal slum for a day might be one thing, a single day doesn’t imply actual change. What actual change means is to actually change, and that usually takes a bit more than one day.

You see, you have tp change that internal programming. Yes, “programming” is a bit of a techy term, but if you look at the mind as being a human biocomputer (which is completely is), then we can look at our set belief systems and habits as “programs.” Since we automatically download everything we experience and are taught from the time we are born until about the age of 7, a lot of our programming has nothing to do with us, and isn’t us. Now that we are older, however, we are able to decide what to believe and what “programs” to download.

The trick is, however, is to reprogram those programs that are no longer serving us (and many of them never did serve us). I am going to share with you some ways in which you can get deep into your subconscious mind and reprogram it in your favor.


The first and foremost step is to have will power. Without willpower, you will become one of those people I mentioned earlier that just try something once and expect it to change themselves forever. Willpower is needed to form a habit. Scientifically, it is said that it takes 30 days to strongly develop a new habit, but I believe it can be done much sooner with enough willpower.

Next, develop Auto-suggestions and affirmations. That means, telling yourself you are this new, positive person as often as you can possible bare. For example, if you wish to stop thinking poorly of others, give yourself an affirmation such as, “I think highly of others and have love for anyone.” This coincides with noticing when you think poorly of others, every time it happens, and correct your thinking with this affirmation.

Another great method to getting deep into your subconscious mind is to practice meditation. Meditation is a way to pry open your mind and see what lies deep inside. During your meditation, once the mind is still and open, you can incorporate visualization. With your mind open and suggestive, imagine yourself, for example, loving and appreciating everyone you meet.

A step further than meditation would be to try hypnosis; the purpose of hypnosis is to go deep inside your subconscious mind and rearrange things. While in a state of hypnosis,heart-583895_960_720 the conscious mind is turned off, and the subconscious mind is able to accept new thoughts / ideas / programs as a new reality.

Beautician blogger Susan Bird even goes as far as to suggest there is such a thing as breast enlargement through hypnosis. In other words hypnosis being powerful enough to even alter ones physical attributes. It may be a little far stretched but hypnosis certainly is a powerful life changing technique.

While combining all of these practices, you will be able to see a great change in yourself in the ways you wish to see them. Then, you can go forth to change the world around you; or even just working on helping those around you to change themselves.